Our company DORIKI TECHNIKI was originally founded in 1973, by Vassilis Karantzas, Civil Engineer  NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) and by Sofi Karantza Architectural Engineer NTUA with the purpose of undertaking the design and construction of public and private works.

In the following decades our company has designed and developed a variety of projects. In the sector of public works the wide range and variety of developments executed by DORIKI TECHNIKI include road works, public buildings, hydraulics, marine and industrial building construction.

Following the completion of such developments, our company possesses a second class construction degree in accordance to Greek legislation for the construction of public works.

In the private sector our company has constructed many different projects. The construction of houses, office buildings, and industrial buildings as well as the renovation of commercial stores and other business facilities are a sample of the construction projects that our company has successfully dealt with.

In 1999 Dimitris Karantzas Civil Engineer NTUA, Msc Construction Engineering & Management, Stanford University became a partner, and in 2007.
In the year 2010 our company grew with the addition of a new partner Vassilis Tsoutras Civil Engineer NTUA.  

The company operates also in Romania by the name Doriki Techniki SRL and in United Kingdom by the name Metron Construction Limited

Today the main goal of our company is the completion of every construction within the given budget and timetable, always in accordance to high quality specifications with attention to detail and respect for the environment.